"A Farewell To Limbs Almost!!!"


Type Story

Episode In Harm's Way (#202)

Date October 26, 2010

Time In Episode 00:32:49

This story was told by on episode #202: In Harm's Way


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When Matteson was in college, he backpacked through Europe for six weeks with his friends Kyler and Carney, and ended up in Pamplona, Spain, with the goal of achieving his dream — running with the bulls, which he’d wanted to do ever since reading Hemingway. Despite many doubts about whether it was truly a sane or safe idea, he and Kyler went for it — the five gigantic bulls were released, and the enormous crowd pushed the men forward, running for their lives. Matteson gets within five feet of a bull, clinging onto the fence to let it go by, amazed at its power. At the end of the experience, he and Kyler agree that the run was awesome. 

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