Type Story

Episode Live From Minneapolis 2! (#736)

Date June 20, 2016

Time In Episode 00:48:13

This story was told by on episode #736: Live From Minneapolis 2!


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Amy and her boyfriend David are opposites: she’s an extroverted actress and he’s an extremely shy, quiet musician. While emotional communication isn’t easy for them, one of the ways they connect is through spontaneous “play,” which evolves into the creation of an imaginary child, named Timmy. The stories and scenes Amy and David create around Timmy become a way for each of them to work on healing their own childhood trauma, and when Amy sees signs that she might be pregnant, she wonders if their love for Timmy is a sign that maybe she and David should have this baby together. But David’s reaction to Amy’s news is shockingly hurtful; he tells her he has no interest in having a child with her, and if she’s pregnant, she should “get rid of it.” The relationship spirals down into a breakup…but even now, Amy still sometimes comforts herself by talking to Timmy.

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