"Barefoot in the Park"


Type Story

Episode Why Did I Do That? Part II (#103)

Date November 03, 2009

Time In Episode 00:22:30

This story was told by on episode #103: Why Did I Do That? Part II


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Brand new to NYC at 18 after growing up in conservative, closeted Cincinnati, Kevin tests out a gay bar on the Upper West Side. He feels out of place, but does end up getting very very drunk, and remembers that a potentially better place to go to have anonymous sexual encounters might be Central Park, just down the street. He settles down into some shrubbery to scout for men…and wakes up, an hour later, to discover his shoes have been stolen. Kevin walks in his socks to a subway train, and as the train door opens, he projectile vomits into the subway car. He then boards, and promptly slips and falls into his own pool of vomit.

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