"Cruel To Be Kissed"


Type Story

Episode Why Did I Do That? Part I (#102)

Date October 20, 2009

Time In Episode 00:01:55

This story was told by on episode #102: Why Did I Do That? Part I


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Adam is on the 8th grade trip to Washington DC – he’s never left home before, and is experiencing some GI issues due to days of eating only fast food, getting no sleep, and being unable to go #2 in public restrooms. He has a monster crush on a classmate named Sarah, and on the final night of this trip, they take a boat cruise. Sarah takes Adam up to the boat’s top deck, and they share a chaste kiss, until she shoves her tongue in his mouth…at which point he projectile vomits all over her. He avoids her on the bus trip back home, but rumors get back to him that Sarah has labeled him a “bad kisser.”

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