"I Am (So Gay)"


Type Story

Episode Different (#118)

Date June 01, 2010

Time In Episode 00:42:40

This story was told by on episode #118: Different


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Soce the rapper moved to NYC from NH in 2003, and immediately started going to open mics to try to get time onstage. He noticed right away that there didn’t seem to be any other rappers who were gay besides him. And while it was satisfying to get to rap his songs for an audience, he started feeling that by not including lyrics about his sexuality, he was hiding a part of himself, and keeping a secret. He wanted to be authentic enough to tell the world the truth via his songs. After trying a subtle reference in a song at Pyramid’s Sunday night open mic, and not getting much notice, Soce goes to a different club the following week — a club where he’s one of the only white people — with a four-verse song called “Suckin’ Dick.” This rap gets more and more explicit and controversial as it progresses, until people in the crowd are screaming, and a guy jumps onstage and threatens to take Soce out. Soce realizes the audience is quite agitated, and leaves, but also feels good about having finally been his realest self.

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