"You Say Penis, I Say Pienus"


Type Story

Episode s Different (#118)
The Best of RISK! #2 (#305)

Date June 01, 2010

Time In Episode 00:28:00

This story was first told by on episode #118: Different

It also appears on episode #305: The Best of RISK! #2


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Sara hits puberty at age 11, and starts feeling many new feelings that she directs into a unique outlet: inspired by some romance novels she discovered at the library, she writes a 50-page porn screenplay, meant to be cast with big Hollywood stars like Kirk Cameron and Paula Abdul. Because Sara has never so much as masturbated, much less had sex, there are some glaring errors in her copious descriptions of intimate acts. Also, while the screenplay is very dirty, it’s also very misspelled, so that the reader hears a lot about the violent humping that happens with a pienus and a vaginia, resulting in pee that a woman can mop up with her bobbies.

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