"Incest Peppermints"


Type Story

Episode In Harm's Way (#202)

Date October 26, 2010

Time In Episode 00:02:35

This story was told by on episode #202: In Harm's Way


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Andrea confesses that when she was little she was in love with her brother, 3 years older than her, and knew she’d end up marrying him. Raised by a single mom, she had no examples of what dating was supposed to be like, and she and her brother were so imaginative and creative together, it just made sense. When her brother told his family he was getting married to a Jamaican woman, Andrea was grief-stricken. The whole family went to the wedding, and Andrea spent the time baked on weed. When it came time for her to give a wedding toast, she described the disgusting poop-based bathroom games she and her brother used to play together as kids, unsure by the end whether she was being horribly inappropriate, or hilarious.

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