"Personal Best"


Type Story

Episode Different (#118)

Date June 01, 2010

Time In Episode 00:10:15

This story was told by on episode #118: Different


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Kevin decides to combat his nagging insecurity that he’s the weakest member of his comedy troupe, The State, by getting away for a while, and taking a cross-country “hippie bus trip” from NYC to San Francisco. Amidst much joviality and many drugs, the travelers of all ages disembark at a campground next to the Colorado River to shower, and some members of the group go for a swim in the river, their goal being to swim to the other side and back. Kevin, wanting to prove to both himself and the others that he’s not the weakest member here either, joins them…forgetting that he doesn’t actually know how to swim. The strong river current is immediately too much for his lack of aquatic skill, and halfway across, he becomes convinced he’s going to drown. In the nick of time, a raft full of boy scouts picks him up and takes him back to the bus before it drives away.

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