"Both Sides Now"


Type Story

Episode Face Off (#819)

Date February 20, 2017

Time In Episode 00:15:20

This story was told by on episode #819: Face Off


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Tara grew up a working class kid in Queens, dividing her time between her divorced parents — one side Italian, one side Irish. She had tough street smarts, and, at the same time, a secret love for literature, especially Shakespeare. When she was accepted into college in upper-class Manhattan, she was made fun of for her native New Yorker accent, and felt like a complete misfit. Even worse, her writing professor took her aside and told her that, while she obviously had writing talent, her spelling and grammar were at grade school level, and needed remedial work. Meanwhile, Tara’s lifelong best friend Allie was going through her own drama, with an accidental pregnancy that forced her to run away from home, and then a period of trouble and addiction during which she left her baby with her parents. Tara emerged from these years proud of the resiliency she developed, and willing to embrace both sides of herself — the scrappy and the refined.

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