The Best of RISK! Music #2


Episode #323

Date March 23, 2012

Run Time 1:01:08

More of our favorite music from the podcast so far.

Pelican – The Maccabees
In a Dream – Skybox
Have I The Right – Vampire Weekend
Three Legged Dog – Firewater
All The Girls – Caracol
Sexual High – Go Home Productions
Are You Ready – Fatty Gets A Stylist
Smells Like Rockin’ Robin – Go Home Productions
Magic Show – Electric Owls
Bloom – Pogo
Something More – Nina Yasmineh
Voodoo Lady – Ween
Butterflies – David Garza
The Brits are Playing at my House – dj FAROFF
Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood – Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah
Do Your Thing to the Music – Lenlow
Riverside – Agnes Obel
Low Rising – The Swell Season
I’ll Take a Risk – Beautiful Vision

Need  more music?

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Also, all songs featured in the Best of RISK! Music episodes can also be found on Spotify by clicking HERE




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12 years ago

Both of these music episodes are amazing. Risk rocks.

12 years ago

Did I recall you saying that Jeff Barr has his own music podcast? Or was that one of your other sound collage type artists? I’m looking for shows in that genre.

Kevin Allison
12 years ago

Tim, this is Kevin writing. Yep, Jeff has a sound collage podcast called “Mangled Meditations” available on iTunes via the Dopefiend Network. And my friend Jon Nelson had a podcast of various artists’ collage work called “Some Assembly Required.” Happy listening!

Jeff Barr
12 years ago

Alternately you can check my show out at:

Steve Barclay
12 years ago

Thanks for all the great music Kevin! I really enjoyed it, even if I missed my fix of stories!!

11 years ago

You should make some Spotify playlists for easier song identification/listening! Great music!

Erin Thompson
11 years ago

What a great compilation! Thanks for the introductions in many cases, really enjoying.

6 years ago

Don’t know why I’ve skipped these until now! I should have known they’d be wonderful. Thank you Kevin for sharing your amazing talent.

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