The Best of RISK! Music #1


Episode #322


Run Time 1:14:01

A mix of our favorite music from the podcast so far.

Living In A Movie – Julie Peel
Kill It – The Cinema
Mixed Farm – Overdub
Default – Django Django
In Bloom – Butch Walker & The Black Widows
Catastrophe! – Julia Stone
Sydney (I’ll Come Running) – Brett Dennen
The Sweetest Thing – Camera Obscura
Lives of Strangers – Friday Mile
Love It All – John Morillion
Dream On – Noel Gallagher
City Grammar – The Freelance Hellraiser
Things U Did – Love Lake
Dreamer – Elizaveta
The Things That Matter Most – The Silent Partner
Shake It Out – Florence And The Machine
Merrymake It With Me – The Republic Tigers
Different – Ximena Sarinana
When We First Met – Hellogoodbye
This Phantom Life – The Leisure Society


Need  more music?

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Also, all songs featured in the Best of RISK! Music episodes can also be found on Spotify by clicking HERE



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12 years ago


12 years ago

Thanks for this list, it helped me identify some of the songs I’ve been looking for, but you left out the artist and title of the very last song, the one with the line “It’s Risk!…motherfucker”. That one is also a keeper!

12 years ago

This was really fun to listen to! I made this youtube playlist to make it easier to find the artist. I found most of them.
Thanks Kevin!

Your Name
12 years ago

Thank you! i hear the songs on the podcast but don’t quite catch the name or artist (or don’t realize how catchy the song is until after the podcast is over). This is fantastic. On itunes purchasing many of these as i type this to you.

12 years ago

I love this fracking shizit! Thanks!

12 years ago

Goddammit, that Brett Dennen song is the catchiest thing I’ve heard in a long, long time. Too good! Thanks for posting these!

12 years ago

This is a great playlist. I really needed some new music. My husband is going to flip over these songs!

Eric H
12 years ago

@TheKackler thank you so much for compiling that play list it really did help!!

Wayne From The UK
12 years ago

Seriously, I was about to email and suggest that you put this out there for a few dollars, and then it appears for free. I’ll shoot you a donation in any case. Absolutely amazing playlist. Soooo many bands and artists to check out.

Thanks Kevin – loved the show from day 1!

12 years ago

Love the playlist! I’m always looking for new music and now I have lots more to add to my download list!

12 years ago

Does anyone know where to get that particular version of “Shake It Out” by Florence & the Machine? Slow version is haunting. Can’t seem to track it down.

12 years ago

This list is so awesome, my husband and I have relayed it dozens of times. We have bought a bunch of songs from these bands! Thank you

12 years ago

So I really want this in a tracked version. I love most of the songs but I would (and want to) pay money for an album-type deal. I tried to break it up with Audacity but got too bogged down.

11 years ago

Kevin, thanks for playing such great tracks. helps me get through my work week.Chills me out and pumps me up, right when I need it.much like your show, your play list,makes you listen too things in a different light. Keep doing what your doing,love it sound great on your intro”s you were made for radio-pod-cast.This is an original idea and has made my day to day life better. Thanks again Kevin for having the balls to produce such a fine pod cast.have you thought about a t.v. show?

11 years ago

Would it be possible to make a list (or email me one?) of ALL the music ever played on the show? I heard an amazing song on one of the episodes…the problem is, I dont know which one it was! I’d remember the name of the song if I saw it. I’ve been rifling through all the episodes I have to no avail. Help me please!!
Thanks! Great show!

10 years ago

Brilliant music and podcast! I’m trying to download the Best of Music 1, 2, and 3 but can’t find on iTunes or anywhere really. Where can I find them for download? Thanks!

gilda moghaddam
9 years ago

it its a good for all the people and the people who thay now its rimainded for thay good by gilda moghaddam

Dave from Canada
4 years ago

Listening to this episode for the fourth time! Love Risk, and the music episodes truly are a gift to the fans! Thank you!

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