Type Story

Episode s Live From Richmond! (#1030)
The Best of RISK! #17 (#1109)

Date April 29, 2019

Time In Episode 00:32:30

This story was first told by on episode #1030: Live From Richmond!

It also appears on episode #1109: The Best of RISK! #17


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Sumer lives with her husband and three kids in an old house in Iowa. During the hot summers, the kids often sleep in their parents’ room because it has the only air conditioner. One night, Sumer and her husband wake up to find their 2-year old isn’t in the bed anymore – she’s gone missing. They turn the entire house upside-down looking for her, and by the time the police are called and the whole neighborhood has gotten involved in the search, Sumer is terrified and hysterical. The toddler is finally found by the Chief of Police, sandwiched between the bed mattress and foot of the bed, tangled in her blanket, asleep. Sumer is relieved and embarrassed, but also touched by how much her neighbors cared about their family, and how much community was around them all this time.

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